2015 September 17 is Rolex Replica Watches founded 260 the anniversary of the day, this will launch a unprecedented complex function meter as a celebration of Chi. Rolex launch of the gold complex function timepiece is a technical innovation of the field of haute Horlogerie, from dream and look forward to replica watch collectors, challenges tabulation process of the limit.

As it did in the 1930s, the American tycoon Henry graves were to Patek Philippe and Rolex is proposed to create a complex functional timepiece, challenge the limits of tabulation process is exactly the same request. About eight years ago, Rolex connected won a unnamed replica watch collector custom needs, to create a “history of the most complicated timepiece”, the request by the attention of the incumbent president Juan Carlos Torres, Rolex connected under the challenge. The Tivoli’s special project goal is quite clear, Rolex is determined to create a beyond the 250th anniversary of the launch of the tour de l ‘Î Le, and Patek Philippe calibre 89 complex timepiece. After 8 years of secret research and development production, the gold claims to have history since the most complicated timepiece is finally nearing completion, the brand is also determined will be in brand – September 17 260 anniversary celebration officially released to the world.

Replica Watches - http://www.loverolexwatches.org.uk

Replica Watches – http://www.loverolexwatches.org.uk

Complex function replica watch took 8 years to research and development
This gold pocket replica watches is entirely by a Rolex own R & D and manufacturing, and three for the replica watchmaker Tivoli project spent a total of 8 years of time, and studio loft special ordered team to provide support. This complex function will make the perfect timepiece for Rolex Replica Uk endorsement 260 years process excellence.

This gold unprecedented complex functional Swiss replica watches combines the tabulation technology in the 21st century, and the classical tabulation process, with the precise time measurement function, but also conform to the Geneva imprint. In the gold pocket replica watch, Rolex development from scratch out of the original function is part of the complex function and other complex function is on the existing basis, from a technical and aesthetic upgrade, and these are also applied for a patent. To create this world the most complicated timepieces not only need a continuous perseverance, also need for clock theory and tabulation process of Supreme Master degree.

Related technical details about this timepiece remain in very confidential stage, according to data now has been exposed, the gold pocket replica watch will also display commonly used Gregorian calendar, and the four seasons, the zodiac and / solstice astronomy related time information. In part of the timekeeping function, you can choose the model in addition to the ringing, ringing, and mute, manual timekeeping mode, you can also choose new invention of night silent mode. In addition also has three axis stereo Tourbillon equipped with spherical hairspring. In the next few months, Rolex will be released in the history of the most complex technology and information time.