At the moment there is a very obvious line between a smart watch and a traditional watch. Smart Replica Watches can deliver notifications from our smartphones, answer calls, control music playback, track our biometrics, and more, while traditional Replica Watches pretty much just tell the time. However there are some companies who think that there does not need to be a line.

One of those companies is Fossil. In a recent conference call, Fossil’s CEO Kosta Kartsotis shared his opinion that smarter Replica Watches are the way of the future, not smartReplica Watches. What’s the difference, you ask? According to Kartsotis, smarter Replica Watches basically will see technology added to existing Replica Watches, giving them added functionality as opposed to replacing them entirely.

This is versus smart Replica Watches where customers have to decided if they’d rather wear a smartwatch or a more traditional timepiece. In fact there are some companies who appear to be making the move towards creating “smarter Replica Watches”, such as Swiss Breitling Replica with their B55 watch where the device is still a traditional Swiss timepiece, but comes with connected features and an accompanying smartphone app.

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is also expected to unveil a similar device towards the end of the year where according to the reports, it will be a connected device that is based on the company’s Carrera series, but what do you guys think? Will smarter Replica Watches be more welcome in the market, or do you think the market is ready to make the huge leap into smart Replica Watches UK entirely?