With the rising prices of smartwatches, the idea that high-tech on a wrist can take over from the luxury brands is an interesting question. With Tag Heuer launching a $150 smartwatch, Samsung announcing a high-end Gear branded smartwatch at CES, and Apple Watch’s top models retailing for over $100, there is an appetite for these replica watches to be seen as status symbols.

But can they top the elephant in the room?


An employee demonstrates a Rolex Day-Date 40 Oyster platinum wristwatch at Beyer Chronometrie AG in Zurich, Switzerland, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015. Photographer: SwissRolex

Matchmaking site Luxy has a clientele that is focused on luxury, identity, and status. If high-end smartwatches are going to have an impact, this is the audience that will notice it first of all. So a quick survey through the dating profiles on the site and a survey through its mobile app found an answer to the big question… Apple or Swiss Rolex?

Turns out that the men and women surveyed were broadly looking for different things.

Men preferred Apple Watch as a brand over Rolex Replica by 72 percent to 28 percent (although the lower pricing on the entry-level Apple Watches does lead me to wonder if the accessibility of the range has biased the survey towards Cupertino’s clock. Woman went in the other direction, with over 80 percent choosing Rolex over Apple Watch.

The twist of course is that in eighteen months time, the Apple Watch is going to be out of date and Apple will be hoping that consumers decide to buy a new unit… while the Fake Rolex will still be going strong (albeit without the ability to call an Uber Taxi from your wrist). The Rolex is still seen as an investment, while the original Apple Watch will be a nice rose-gold bracelet asking you to update to iOS 11 before it can connect to your iPhone.